Welcome to our Studio!

Roberto Manzetti Architect is a team of professionals in constant research of innovation, with the aim of designing and creating functional environments and, above all, able to generate emotions.
Our organisational structure is simple and direct. This allows us to work in a fast, efficient, flexible way, always focused on the real needs of clients at every stage of the process. We recognise ourselves as architects, supervisors, engineers and consultants, combining the wealth of knowledge and skills in a synergetic way, in order to ensure Quality and Excellence.
We would like to be recognized as a benchmark from clients who choose to trust us. Even after the completion of the project, we ensure our assistance, counselling and additional services, free of charge. We want to be active “partners” in complex projects. We consider it a sustainable feature and it can enrich everyone involved.
Finally, we love our territory and we are fortunate to live in this beautiful place. Our aim is to value it, creating buildings and structures which blend perfectly with its surroundings.