Riccardo Brustia - Construction Engineer

Rational, thoughtful, timely. Construction Engineer Riccardo Brustia collaborates with Studio Roberto Manzetti Architect, with particular reference to Construction and Mechanical Engineering. A graduate in Contruction Engineering and enabled in his profession as an engineer with the State Exam since 2009, Riccardo Brustia is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Novara with environmental qualification, construction and thermal plants. Within a project, his task is to supervise the aspects related to facilities for managing and diffusing heat and cooling in buildings. Whether it’s housing, retail space or offices, ensuring the welfare of the people living or working there is a fundamental and indispensable aspect.

He regularly attends refresher courses, also in a foreign language (English). In 2005 he obtained the Enablement Security Coordinator, training further enriched by the acquisition in 2009 of the status of Energy Certification of the Piedmont Region. In 2011 he successfully attended the “Casa Clima” professional course. Since 2013 he has been registered as a Fire Professional on the related list of the province of Novara.

Plants Design
Works Supervision
Energy Certifications