Simone Fattorelli - Architect

Curious, motivated, meticulous, even-tempered: these are just few of the words that can describe Simone Fattorelli. Simone takes care of the technical drawings and 3D renderings creation.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Society at the Politecnico of Milan, his interest in sustainability drove him to take a master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture at the Politecnico of Turin, from which he graduated in 2017.

During his academic studies, Simone had the chance to broaden his theoretical knowledge and gain useful experience in master planning, urban regeneration and residential architecture, with particular focus on social housing. Additionally, he had the opportunity to improve his understanding of technical drawing and post-production softwares, especially of BIM softwares.

His strong motivation encourages him to hone his skills and deepen his comprehension of the laws of architecture every day.

Technical Drawings
3D Renders
Sustainable Architecture